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Our eLearning Solutions are with Education Content Development team. They are experts in Instructional System Design(ISD) That allows them to apply to Adult Learning principles to the Content so that self-learning and self-assessment become easy for the users.

Our Digital and Creative Ideation team develops interesting User Interfaces and create interactive digital experiences for users,Through a highly interactive rich images and 2D/3D animation;this makes visual learning easy to understand.

For Spaced eLearning:

The brain will only store information in its long-term memory banks by repeating and reinforcing it. This means that online learners need to explore the subject matter on numerous occasions to actually remember the key ideas and concepts. As time goes on, the information gradually subsides and is replaced by new knowledge… unless you take a Spaced eLearning approach. According to the Spaced Learning theory, the individuals are more likely to remember if they learn in short bursts with breaks in between.

Improves Knowledge Retention

> Stresses Real World Applications

> Reduces Cognitive Overload

> Build On Preexisting Knowledge

> Integrate Study Breaks Into The eLearning Course Design

> Put A New Spin On Old Information